Google Chromecast or Xbox One – Out of Bounds

A new feature of the True Sports Fan sports blog will be a feature called “out of bounds,” where we will discuss and review items completely outside of the world of sports. This week, we will review some of the hottest electronic products due to be released this year – the new Google Chromecast and the Xbox One console. 

I mean…………..sports fans need some entertainment outside of the scoreboard, too………….right? Right. 

These devices are new items that are designed to give people different options to viewing TV and internet online, in the sense of giving alternatives to basic cable and satellite packages that have risen in costs over the last 10-15 years. 

People take in their content in various ways, including on their smartphones, tablets, and video game consoles. That content includes services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBOGo, UFC, WWE, ESPN and other large-scale entertainment networks. 

For many devices – particularly the game consoles and cell phones – the devices have evolved over time into systems that are used outside of the original purposes in the past – to actually play games. 

With the holiday season around the corner, today’s blog post will be a review and breakdown of the different electronics devices that will be popular during the fall and winter months. 

Google Chromecast 

Google Chromecast

The new Google Chromecast.

The Google Chromecast plug-in is available for $35
The Google Chromecast system is a USB plugin that allows users to connect the USB cable directly to their HDTV and stream the content from the laptop, mobile phone, and tablet onto the TV itself – for the price of $35.
My favorite feature on this is the plug-n-pay system, meaning that the apps that you will want to use with the Chromecast – Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, etc, automatically upgrade to the handheld device and TV so you won’t have to learn a brand-new software package. 
The device works with a variety of websites online, and its outstanding for people who don’t want to hook in a ton of cords to the TV and put their tablets directly by the TV and cause a ton of hassle. All of the content and websites from your devices are right on the TV and will play with the smoothness and quality as they do on the mobile devices.
Xbox One

Xbox One

The new Xbox One console by Microsoft.

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s offering into the next generation of gaming for gamers and regular TV watchers alike. From the outside, the Xbox One is a black, box design that has the Xbox Kinect system attached to it, and  comes with the black Xbox One controller, that resembles the Xbox 360 controllers.
The feature that I love about the system, from a TV watcher standpoint, is the ability to plug in your cable box directly into the Xbox One system, thus allowing the user to flip between the Xbox One game area, DVD/Blu-ray and the cable box without going through the input area on the regular remote control.  
Another great part of the system is that there is FINALLY a blu-ray player available on the Xbox system. When I was first deciding on which system I wanted to purchase, I initially went with the Playstation 3 because of that very fact. I love blu-rays now and I wanted to make sure that whatever game console I had could take care of that, and it looks like Microsoft has listened to the consumers on this issue. 
For the video gamer – especially the sports gamer – the Xbox One will be outstanding due to newly developed technology in this years games that truly bring the players and graphics to live in new ways. Also, the system automatically updates stats and standings during the current season so as soon as you turn your system on to play, the players in the game reflect their real-world counterparts. 

Verdict – 

If you are looking for a full, new entertainment experience, definitely go with the Xbox One. The Xbox One will be the system that will set the standard for gaming and TV watching in the future, no question about it. However……..if you are looking for a good price and trying to save some money, purchase the Google Chromecast. You can purchase 4-5 of those for the family – under $200 – and everyone gets great entertainment at anytime they want on their TVs from watching what they were probably already seeing – content on their phones, tablets and laptops. 
Catch you all next time! 

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