SuperBowl XLIX Preview – New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

We have gotten to the SuperBowl in a very auspicious way. The Seattle Seahawks will look to defend their SuperBowl championship against the New England Patriots in SuperBowl XLIX on February 1 @ 6:00 on NBC.

SuperBowl XLIX

SuperBowl XLIX will feature the Seattle Seahawks vs the New England Patriots on February 1.

The Patriots & Seahawks are not surprises to be in the game, however, how they got to this point is extremely surprising. For the Seahawks, they overcame a 16-0 deficit at halftime, Russell Wilson willing to look worse than armchair quarterbacks in that he threw 3 interceptions & was 2 for 9 for 8 yards with a quarterback rating of 0 in the first half, only to come back in the second half, have a perfect quarterback rating & lead the team to one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the NFL.

The Seahawks ran hard with Marshawn Lynch in the 4th quarter, had a fake field goal go for a touchdown & one of the best onside kick setups ever, especially after the bad coaching strategies of Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

For the Patriots, it was business as usual. They beat up the Indianapolis Colts at the line of scrimmage & physically imposed their will on the Colts again & again, & by the time the middle of the third quarter came, school was out & the celebration was on to get to a championship.

And here we are. SuperBowl XLIX. The defending champions who feel disrespected against the long-time powers who are looking to get back to dominance in the NFL.

Coaching: Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll vs New England Patriots Bill Belichick.

Pete Carroll was the last coach of the New England Patriots before Belichick was hired after one day with the New York Jets. Carroll has had success at USC & with the Seahawks for many reasons, but mainly because the players will run through a wall for him.

Carroll is a master motivator, no question about it. His positive thinking that he brings to his teams, evne though he is an older coach, is exceptional & contagious. He lets the Seahawks players be themselves, often using the us vs the world mentality as motivation for success.

Bill Belichick is far more calmer & is more deliberate as a coach. You won’t see him jumping around & such, but he is one of the most aggressive coaches in all of sports & will try all kinds of different tricks to get ahead, all the way to the idea that the NFL is investigating the Patriots for possibly deflating balls to have a better grip & advantage during gameplay in the AFC Championship game.

Belichick has 3 SuperBowl championships to his name & 8 appearances in the game – Carroll is a defending champion, but he is going up against basically the master. This match up is going to be a no-brainer.

Advantage: Patriots.

Seattle Seahawks Offense vs New England Patriots Offense

The Seahawks offense for the last two years, has not been one of the best in the NFL. The team has one of the best young quarterbacks in the game in Russell Wilson & one of the running backs in the game in Lynch, but the overall offense is not consistent enough to go up against a high power Patriots attack.

The team won against the Packers on Sunday because of the trick play on special teams & that Lynch couldn’t be stopped in the 4th quarter. Wilson completed the championship play to Jermaine Kearse but it was Kearse’s only catch of the game & 4 other times that Wilson targeted him, the plays led to interceptions & led to Wilson having a quarterback rating of 0.0 in the first half of the game. The Patriots gameplan will surely be to let Wilson beat them with his arm & while he is truly able to throw the ball downfield, the Seahawks don’t have the weapons to keep up with a B-level Patriots offense.

If the Seahawks offense is as bad as it showed in the NFC Championship Game, winning put aside, this game will not be competitive in the least. The Patriots are going to be what they are – a dominant offense led by one of the best field generals in history in Tom Brady.

Even though the Seattle defense is among the elite of all time, The Patriots will do their best to stay away from Richard Sherman & Earl Thomas. The team will work well in going with the intermediate passing game & will use the short passing game as an extension of the running game, so expect LeGarrette Blount to get quick a few screen passes thrown his way to go along with a bruising running game to bring the safeties into the box, opening up throwing lanes for Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman & Brandon LaFell.

This offensive battle will also go to the Patriots. The Seahawks gain timely points, but the Patriots are far more consistent.

Seattle Seahawks Defense vs New England Patriots Defense

This is a matchup that is completely in the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. If Sherman & Thomas are healthy from their injuries they suffered in the NFC Championship game, this team will be back to the top of the NFL in terms of making big plays.

No quarterback wants to throw at Sherman right now & the Legion of Boom is bringing major energy to the field against opposing quarterbacks. Kam Chancellor is one of the best safeties in all of the NFL right now & will be able to be one of the few safeties, along with the rest of the Seahawks secondary, that can read Brady’s eyes & watching his signals close enough to anticipate about 50% of where he is going to spread the ball.

An area where the Seahawks aren’t always given credit is in the front 7, which can get after a team’s offense quickly. In the NFC playoffs, the team faced two players in Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers & Aaron Rodgers from the Packers who were quarterbacks that could move well in the pocket & took them down quickly. The team won’t have nearly as tough a time with Brady, who compared to the other two quarterbacks listed, is mostly immobile.

The Patriots defense has been greatly improved this season with the addition of shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis & along with Brandon Browner (former Seahawk) on the other side of the field, will be great shutdown players against Seahawks receivers who are average at best. The front seven has been solid all season long, but no matter what, the Seahawks are going to have the defensive advantage far and away. Belichick & Brady will have a challenge in learning how to shift guys around to confuse the Seahawks unit for a bit to get the midlevel passing game going.

SuperBowl Prediction

New England Patriots are looking to get back to the top of the mountain. Brady doesn’t have much time left in the league & probably neither does Belichick. The Seahawks aren’t going anywhere, especially with Russell Wilson & Pete Carroll at the helm. The SuperBowl is going to be a fun game, but it will go to the Patriots – 31-20.


What To Look For On NFL Conference Championship Sunday

Quite possibly one of the most fun Sundays of the year will take place later today with the NFC & AFC Conference Championships taking place to determine who will go to the NFL SuperBowl 49 in 2 weeks in Phoenix. As if you didn’t know all of this already……..

What this post will be about is not an in-depth preview of each game because ESPN, NFL Network & other outlets will have extensive previews telling you all of that stuff anyway. What we will talk about are the big keys to victory for each team & a big idea or think to look for during the game.

The Seattle Seahawks Will Defeat The Green Bay Packers If Russell Wilson Can Become Elite.

Russell Wilson is on his way to becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, if he isn’t there already. He has been able to make plays when he needs to & get the ball to the playmakers at all times.

But on Sunday afternoon, he needs to be equal with the man across the field from him in Aaron Rodgers. The Packers will most likely put 7 men in the box to load up against Seahawks beast running back Marshawn Lynch & try to watch his every move, probably even having spies on him for each play.

Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has to be able to step his game up & go out & win it, as opposed to being a game manager as he has been for many of the Seahawks victories.

The Packers are going to make Wilson have to beat them with his arms, which he has shown in the past that he has been able to do. For the Seahawks to get to the SuperBowl, Wilson needs to be able to take some of the pressure off of the elite defense Seattle has by throwing for a stat line of around 300-350 yards, 2-3 touchdowns & no turnovers.

It’s time for Russell Wilson to not only be a game manager, but a game winner, & putting up big numbers will get the Seahawks to their second straight SuperBowl.

The Green Bay Packers Will Win Against The Seattle Seahawks If Eddie Lacy Can Establish Himself Early.

It’s absolutely clear that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is injured, & I believe that he is far more injured than anyone really knows, especially because of his limited mobility last week against the Dallas Cowboys & going back to the last week of the NFL regular season against the Detroit Lions.

If Rodgers’ mobility is any kind of question, expect the Seahawks to come after him with a slew of blitzes & different packages that will be used to make Rodgers have to make the decision to try & run or make challenging passes against Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas & the rest of the vaunted defense.

Green Bay Packers Eddie Lacy

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy may be the most important factor in determining if the Packers will get back to the SuperBowl for the first time since SuperBowl 45 in 2010.

Right now, the point of emphasis in the Packers gameplan needs to be to put the ball in Eddie Lacy’s hands & really working hard to establishing his presence early & often against the one area of the Seahawks defense that can actually be neutralized, their front four. If Lacy is able to get an average of about 3.5-4 yards per carry consistently, this will open up some of the play action passing & even with a bad calf, Rodgers is still going to be extremely dangerous in the pocket & will allow the receivers to take the top of the defense by going deep or sit down in zones & work the intermediate passing game.

The New England Patriots Will Beat The Indianapolis Colts By Allowing Rob Gronkowski To Run Wild On The Colts Secondary.

The New England Patriots already have a blueprint for beating the Indianapolis Colts & quarterback Andrew Luck – give them a lot of Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk has been the most dominant tight end in the NFL for the last several years, & was sorely missed the last 2 years when he was out with injuries. The Patriots were clearly a different franchise & even though Tom Brady made it work with the weapons that he had, many of those receivers weren’t ready for primetime due to not having enough field time.

New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski

Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is going to have to be the man on Sunday Night against the Indianapolis Colts by running free in the secondary & being punishing while making big time catches.

Well, fast forward a year. After the loss last year to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots are far more determined, Brady has weapons healthy & he has his protective blanket in Gronkowski. The Colts will most likely have safety Laron Landry keep their eye on Gronk & occasionally try to cover him, but the fact of the matter is that Gronk is the most uncoverable player in all of the NFL right now due to his speed & very large size moving down the field. Even with previous arm & back injuries, Gronk does not shy away from contact in the least – he welcomes it.

If Gronk is getting going & has confidence, this is going to open up the running game & will just give Brady more confidence throwing to Julian Edelman, Brandon Lafell & other receivers due to the double-teams that a healthy Gronk will absolutely draw from the Colts defense.

The Indianapolis Colts Will Defeat the New England Patriots If Andrew Luck Has Other Offensive Weapons To Lean On.

Its clear that the Indianapolis Colts offense starts, runs through & ends with Andrew Luck. Luck has put up massive numbers in his first 3 years in the NFL & has proven to be an elite quarterback. In order for the Colts to defeat the New England Patriots, however, Luck is going to have to put some of the other responsibility on another member of the offensive unit.

Preferably someone in the running game, most likely Donald Brown. RB Trent Richardson did not make the trip to New England for what the Colts are calling personal reasons. Luck is going to have to spread the ball around & while it would be very much on his head to do that, the Colts coaching staff is going to need to make sure that Luck can go to some more screens, which could be extensions of the running game & just make the Patriots pass rush a bit more pensive about rushing right in & getting to Luck.

Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck can’t have all of the pressure on him to win the game by himself on Sunday against New England.

If Luck can even get some kind of runs or extended runs out about 5-6 yards per touch, it will allow Reggie Wayne & T.Y. Hilton to not have to always be matched up against Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis & take their chances against Brandon Browner. Not that Browner is a much better option to go up against this season than Revis, but if the team is going to have to take chances, go against Browner & hope.


I’m Waiting For NBA Season To Get Interesting

No matter what the NBA TV people, ESPN, Fox or any other sports outlet says to you, this NBA season has been one of the most disappointing & boring ones in recent memory. Yet, its not actually the league’s fault.

This particular season has seen top players such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, & Carmelo Anthony sit out many games at once, making the star power – the main thing the NBA is built on – fade away & you realize that the league is full of very mediocre players.

While there have been some great stories such as the Atlanta Hawks & Golden State Warriors getting out to amazing starts & basically dominating the NBA Eastern & Western Conferences, they are not the superpowers that the fans are used to seeing on a regular basis. The Warriors are closer to being at that elite level by having Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson has emerging scorers & Curry is already considered one of the greatest shooters in the history of the NBA, but because the organization was down for so long & haven’t gone very far in the NBA playoffs consistently over the years, fans have a hard time really seeing them has an organization that is going to be a power for the long run.

For the Atlanta Hawks, the team has great young talent led by Al Horford, but from a viewer’s standpoint, you would think they were the worst team in the league. The city of Atlanta does not support its teams well, which is an absolute shame because the Hawks have been playing excellent basketball, but TV affiliates won’t put them on very often because the league is not visually appealing right now. Atlanta has shown over time that other than the Falcons, the city doesn’t do well with sports, including losing the Atlanta Thrashers in the NHL to Winnipeg, & the Atlanta Braves, one of the best teams in baseball history, are moving out to the suburbs in the next couple of years to hopefully bring more people into the ball park.

This is a situation working against one of the NBA’s top teams, everyone…………

The Los Angeles Lakers & Kobe Bryant are not helping matters.

This was the season when Kobe Bryant was supposed to be the main ticket to watch in Los Angeles at Lakers games. But injuries & just the fact that Kobe is probably pissed off that guys like “Swaggy P” Nick Young feel as though they are the main stars & shot makers & guys who are ready to take over from Bryant’s legacy.

That is not what fans pay big money to go to Staples Center to see. They may not see the Lakers win often, but they want to see the last two years, possibly, of Bryant’s HOF career not go to complete waste. No matter what anyone says, Bryant is not fully healthy from the ACL injury & initially came back too early & I thought that would have led to his retirement at that time, but he came back & has played pretty well, other injuries & bad team notwithstanding.

When the Lakers are bad though, its a tough situation all the way around. When Kobe is not around & not playing like his used to playing, its just exponentially awful & it hurts in one of the league’s marquee cities.

Phil Jackson, New York Knicks Have Become An Embarrassment.

When former Chicago Bulls & Los Angeles Lakers legendary coach Phil Jackson took over as President of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks before the end of last year, people were hoping for a magical change & a rise in a franchise that has been very dormant for the last 15 years since their last NBA Finals appearance in 1999.

We talked about the Lakers above, & the Bulls are living up to their end of being an elite team in the East, but the Knicks are just absolutely falling apart more & more by the day. The team is 5-34 & has a current 16-game losing streak & they are about as bad to watch as they were in that Whoopi Goldberg movie, “Eddie.”

Jackson’s triangle isn’t working, Carmelo is barely healthy & there is absolutely no help around him to make the situation better & probably won’t be for the rest of this year. So, the NBA is about to have the Knicks, Celtics & Lakers not be competitive for playoff spots this coming year yet again. Awesome.

The Cleveland Cavs are not the NBA darlings the league thought they would be.

The Cavs, going back to the summer, were the most interesting story in all of sports because of LeBron James returning, Kevin Love coming to town & a new head coach in David Blatt, who has never coached in the United States before.

Cavs fans were not expecting a 19-20 start, neither were regular viewers of the league as a whole. Now, with rumors that Kevin Love could be traded or may choose to opt out of his deal at the end of the season & the players possibly not liking coach David Blatt, this is not the NBA & Cavs fans have wanted to watch.


Yes, the NBA is wide open this year with young players & teams that we haven’t seen at the top of the mountain recently so it creates a new buzz, but the product is very difficult to take in right this second. Please, lets hope for some more fluidity as we go through the second half of this NBA season? Can we get the new faces of the NBA to step up since the old guards are literally playing like their……….well…………old?

NFL Divisional Playoff Preview – Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

One of the better rivalries during the 2000s in the NFL has been the Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots. The Ravens are one of the tough teams the Patriots had to defeat during their 16-0 regular season in 2007. The Ravens have talked about the Patriots getting preferential treatment from the NFL over time.

This Saturday, they will meet up again at Gillette Stadium at 4:30 on NBC. For the Ravens, their offense has to be able to get going quickly & take the edge from an improved Patriots defensive unit that got upgraded in the offseason with the acquisition of former Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis. If the Ravens are going to be successful, Joe Flacco will have to challenge Revis & show no fear against him. Most likely, Revis will be locked down on veteran wide receiver Steve Smith for most of the day so Smith will have to work on separation on a regular basis.

If the Ravens can get the passing game going, Justin Forsett, the replacement for running back Ray Rice, is going to have to be able to get a physical running game going against the Patriots defensive line, led by big Vince Wilfork.

On the Patriots side of things, the offense goes through Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski. Gronk is one of the most uncoverable tight ends in all of football & the Ravens will have to make sure that their linebacking group can make sure that one is constantly spying on Gronk consistently. If the Ravens can’t defend that combination, it will be a wrap, quickly. NO questions asked.

The Patriots are on a collision course & on a true mission to get back to the SuperBowl with Tom Brady having his career coming to an end. This is not the year for the Ravens to mess around with the hoodie & the pretty boy.


Patriots – 34, Ravens 21.

NFL, NBA, NCAA Apparel Sales – January 8, 2015

Today, the Sports Fan Playground has deals on many different items from the NFL, NBA, MLB & other top leagues around the world for January 8. Each day, the store will list 10 products on sale around the store, along with the opinions & stories that you are used to.

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Detroit Lions Get Robbed By NFL Against Cowboys

Yesterday, the NFL, as per usual, dropped the ball in the officiating realm of things. During the Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys NFL Wildcard Playoff game, the Lions were up at one point in the second half, 20-7.

Detroit Lions pass interference

Detroit Lions TE Brandon Pettigrew was clearly interfered with during this pass play & the NFL picked up the flag after several minutes & somehow decided this is not a pass interference call.

During a Lions drive in the 4th quarter, Matthew Stafford threw a pass to Brandon Pettigrew & the play was incomplete, however, there was absolutely a pass interference committed by the linebacker of the Dallas Cowboys where he didn’t turn his head back to the football & even grabbed Pettigrew, multiple penalties on the field, all across the board.

However, after about 5 minutes, the referees picked up the flag & announced that there wasn’t going to be a penalty on the play, killing the drive & momentum for the Lions, who eventually lost the game, 24-20, during a massive comeback by the Cowboys, aided by many, many penalty calls against the Lions at inopportune times, many that were ticky-tack calls that should honestly be let go due to the fact that it is professional football, not powderpuff.

Here is the video of the play, examine for yourself if this is a valid case or not.

If you go on any major NFL network today, they will all say that the Lions should have absolutely had a pass interference call or defensive holding at the least.  But, that is the kind of inconsistency we have come to expect from the NFL this year, on & off the field of play.

My question, though, is was there more to this situation that really meets the eye? Now typically I am all about a team winning & losing on the field. Every action on a playing surface leads to either a win or a loss, but in this situation, an exception should be made due to TMZ having video earlier this year of the NFL Head of Officiating being seen coming off of a Dallas Cowboys party bus in Los Angeles.

Now, when you see this video, how in the world can you not think that the NFL is in some kind of collusion with the Cowboys to get them back to the top of the league & back into prominence? The league, just as every sports league does, needs to have certain teams be at the top of the mountain on a regular basis, & the Cowboys, for as much as people like or hate them, move the TV ratings needle on any broadcast they are featured on & have to be able to be in contention to be among the best in the league.

They can do that with just their talent alone. Yesterday, it was clear that the Lions were the better team for over 3 quarters. Yes, they didn’t get defensive stops at the end of the game, I completely understand that, but the NFL playoffs are all about momentum & whomever has that momentum is the team that will have the major advantage in every game & the NFL referees clearly stole that away from the team & if the league & its owners were smart or cared about the fans’ perception of the integrity of the game & the people involved in it,


Now, even if you say that the pass interference isn’t called, later in the play, Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant ran on the field & debated with the referee, with his helmet off & should have absolutely received a 15-yard penalty, which would have also kept the drive going for the team. Who knows what would have happened after that, but its about the situation & opportunity available, especially in the NFL playoffs.

I hope that the NFL will show a bit of contrition & admit that at least the referees were wrong in the call. If nothing else, lets get some consistency through the rest of this NFL playoff run.

Yes, we know & are aware that the Cowboys are one of those teams that the NFL loves more than the brand itself, but can it not be so blatant against the teams that aren’t among the “elite” & the “royalty” of the league?


NFL Wildcard Playoff Preview – Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

One of the most passionate rivalries in the NFL gets restarted tonight when the PIttsburgh Steelers face their AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Wildcard Playoff matchup (8:00 p.m., NBC).

This rivalry has always been based on defensive intensity when players such as Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, James Farrior, Joey Porter & others a part of it. Now, both teams have had to rely on offensive outputs from Ben Roethlisberger from the Steelers & Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens., but the fire is still there overall, no doubt about it.

Baltimore Ravens Offense vs Pittsburgh Steelers Defense

The Baltimore Ravens have always been an offensive unit that hasn’t always lived up to expectations of other NFL teams. They have been a running unit with a quarterback passing game that didn’t live up to the hype & would always throw to one or two receivers & the entire pressure would be on the defense.

Those days have changed now. Joe Flacco is having a big time year with just under 4,000 yards passing & 27 touchdowns, and he’s living up to the $100 million contract he signed in 2013 after the Ravens won the SuperBowl over the San Francisco 49ers.

When Ray Rice left earlier this season due to his domestic abuse situation, the team started to lean on Justin Forsett & Bernard Pierce to be the workhorses of the team. Forsett ran for 1,200 yards & Pierce for 366 yards & helped give the Ravens a true balance in the offensive unit, something the team has just started to grasp the concept of.

On the Pittsburgh Steelers side of things, the defense has gotten better with the re-addition of the recently retired James Harrison, who was one of the most dominant & feared linebackers in the history of the Steelers organization. Long-time safety Troy Polamalu is starting for the Steelers, giving them an extra boost of playmaking ability in the backfield. Having Troy being able to jump up & stop the run or watching Flacco’s eyes in pass coverage to assist guys like Lawrence Timmons & others can be a huge game changer for the Steelers sidelines.

Baltimore Ravens Defense vs Pittsburgh Steelers Offense

This matchup is going to be predicated strongly on the return of DT Haloti Ngata, who was serving a 4-game suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs. Ngata will be key in plugging the hole for Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell to run through & to put more pressure on Roethlisberger to make perfect throws all day & have Antonio Brown get open consistently down the field.

Speaking of Brown, he is the Steelers one big deep threat, with TE Heath Miller being the main guy in the short to intermediate passing game. As of this writing, Bell has been announced out for the game, which now means that the entire offense is on Ben’s shoulders. If the Steelers have to throw on almost every down, the Baltimore pass rush will get major pressure on Ben after so long & the Steelers will be rendered one-dimensional, which absolutely can’t work against the Ravens.

Predictions: The Ravens are going to be looking to pull off the upset & without a consistent running game for the Steelers, the Ravens defense should feast on the Steelers. Final score – Ravens – 30, Steelers 17.



Hottest WAGS in Sports – Winter 2015 (NSFW)

The new WAGS list for the winter of 2015 is now here. As per usual, many ladies on the previous lists have started dating other people & many athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA & NBA have also started dating other people. Even in the WWE & TNA, the ladies of both of those companies have changed up their dating profiles, so its important to keep up with all of the happenings & goings on in the WAGS world.

As per usual, this will be a very comprehensive list for WAGS & we looked through all of the professional & college leagues in the United States & overseas in many of the soccer (football) groups to see who are the absolute best & hottest ladies in the sports dating world to start off 2015 the right way. We feel as though we won’t disappoint.

Without further or due, here is our list for winter 2015. This list may get updated if we get more in for the winter season.

Ann Kathrin Brommel – Girlfriend of Bayern Munich & Germany Soccer Star Mario Gutze

Ann Kathrin Brommel

Ann Kathrin Brommel is the girlfriend of Germany soccer star Mario Gotze, the man who had the game-winning goal for Germany to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup this past summer. From the looks of things, he is absolutely winning on & off the field.

Ann Kathrin Brummel German

Ann Kathrin Brummel looking very sultry.

Ann Kathrin Brommel

Ann Kathrin Brommel in a very…………suggestive shot.

Ann Kathrin Brommel

Ann Kathrin Brommel being the lady in red.

Nora Segura – Girlfriend of USA Soccer Player Tim Howard

Nora Segura

Nora Segura is the girlfriend (or ladyfriend as some say…) of USA goalkeeper Tim Howard. Sounds like Howard had some great time to just chill & have some hot sexy fun during his time in the World Cup.

Nora Segura

Nora Segura looking hot on the beach.

Nora Segura

Nora Segura giving us a bit of ass in this hot. Again, on the beach.

Nora Segura

Nora Segura doing some crazy acrobatics on the wall. Can you say just plain HOT??

Lisa Ann – Adult MILF Porn Star; Girlfriend of Notre Dame WR Justin Brent

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is without question the hottest adult porn star in the world & she made major waves when it came out earlier in the college football season that she was dating Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent. (Note: This photo leads to a video of hers that is NSFW & should only be viewed if you are 18 & older.)

Lisa Ann breasts

Lisa Ann chillin & showing off her……..well……….great breasts. Let’s just flat out say it.

Lisa Ann Porn

Lisa Ann just…………looking stunning. I just have no words for how awesome this is.

MILF Lisa Ann

MILF Lisa Ann in the yoga position. No one has ever made Yoga so sexy.

Alexis Randock – Girlfriend of Golfer Rickie Fowler

Alexis Randock

Alexis Randock, girlfriend of pro golfer Rickie Fowler.

Alexis Randock Rickie Fowler

Alexis Randock Model

Alexis Randock rocking the walkway during a modeling show.

Alexis Randock Model

Alexis Randock with a still pose in a modeling show.

Snow Phat – Girlfriend of Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Snow Phat

Snow Phat, an Instagram model, has been linked to Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

Snow Phat ass

Snow Phat showing why she has the “phat” in her Instagram name…..

Russell Wilson Girlfriend

Snow Phat being the lady in black for sure. Russell Wilson must be enjoying life as an NFL QB right now.

Snow Phat

Im guessing Snow Phat is in her workout gear……..

Ashley Lillian Moss – Girlfriend of Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman

Ashley Lillian Moss

Ashley Lillian Moss is the current girlfriend of Seattle Seahawks All-Pro CB Richard Sherman.

Ashley Lillian Moss

Ashley Lillian Moss in a beautiful headshot.

Ashley Lillian Moss

Ashley Lillian Moss getting classy as she goes into a limo.

Hannah Davis – Actress/DirecTV Genie; Girlfriend of Yankees Legend Derek Jeter

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis is known to most as the DirecTV genie & is now better known as being the woman who could possibly be the one to marry Derek Jeter, recently retired New York Yankees legend.

Hannah Davis sexy

Hannah Davis looking gorgeous yet again…..

Hannah Davis Derek Jeter

Hannah Davis making Derek Jeter know that he is very smart for settling down with her.

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis just sitting & chilling.

Elke “The Stallion” – Another Girlfriend of Notre Dame WR Justin Brent

Elke The Stallion

So, I guess Justin Brent has a thing for thick women, or all kinds, as he went to Elke the Stallion at some point before or after Lisa Ann….

Elke The Stallion Ass

Elke showing off the goods in a big way.

Elke The Stallion

Looking a bit on the classier side, im guessing……..

Elke The Stallion Tattoo

Elke The Stallion showing off her tattoos.

Nikki Sapp – Girlfriend of Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spolestra

NIkki Sapp

NIkki Sapp is a former Miami Heat dancer, a Magna Cum Laude Florida International University graduate & the girlfriend of Miami Heat head coach Erik Spolestra.

Nikki Sapp Miami Heat

Nikki Sapp is celebrating with the Miami Heat’s NBA Championship.

Nikki Sapp

Nikki Sapp in a sexy pose.

Nikki Sapp Bikini

Nikki Sapp looking beautiful in a yellow bikini.

2014 NFL Playoff Preview – WildCard Weekend – Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers

The 2014 NFL regular season has come to a sad end, & its time for the 2014 NFL playoffs. This is a playoff year that sees many teams in the tournament that we are used to seeing on a regular basis. The teams that many thought would be dominant (New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, defending SuperBowl Champion Seattle Seahawks) lived up to expectations, but there are many teams playing in the NFL Wildcard Weekend who have a great chance to make some headway & possibly shake up the road to SuperBowl 49, which will be held on the first Sunday of February in Phoenix.

But before we get to Phoenix, we start with this coming weekend, with 4 games that will get us to the divisional round in two weeks that will take place in the 4 cities listed above. Here is a preview of the games coming up this weekend.

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers – Saturday, 4:40 ESPN

This game is a case of two teams who may be miscast in their roles in the NFC playoff standings this year. It can be argued that the Carolina Panthers have absolutely no business being in the NFL playoffs due to a 7-8-1 record & winning an absolutely terrible NFC South Division. Many expect the NFL to change this setup in the offseason, but for now, they are the 4th seed & the Arizona Cardinals, who dropped their big game to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 16, a game that would have meant them getting the #1 overall seed in the NFC playoffs, ends up as the 5th seed, without a home game, even with a 11-5 record.

Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton is the team’s only hope if the Panthers have any chance of keeping their improbable 2014 NFL season alive past this Saturday against the Cardinals.

For the Cardinals, this team has been the walking wounded all year – the starting quarterback (Carson Palmer) has been out with a torn ACL, star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is banged up, & Tyrann “Honey Badger” Matthieu, Darnell Dockett & other key defensive players have missed significant time this year due to injury and/or suspension.

Nonetheless, head coach Bruce Arians has kept the Cardinals focused & has leaned completely on his defense, which has still been one of the best in the NFL all season long. That defense should be able to handle a Panthers team that is completely based on the quarterback play of Cam Newton & the big play ability of rookie WR Kelvin Benjamin.

The Panthers RB duo of DeAngelo Williams & Jonathan Dwyer have been inconsistent this year so it has been a struggle at times for the team to score points because of the fact that everything comes down to Newton & his overall playmaking ability with his ability to throw & run.  These offensive issues alone will most likely give the Cardinals the overall advantage & ability to move them into the next round.

However, the Panthers defense will have something to say as well. Luke Kuechly has become one of the most dominant linebackers in all of the NFL & their pass rush & sound fundamentals will keep Lindley off-balance for a majority of the afternoon & make him think a bit when trying to get Fitz & excellent big-play target Michael Floyd open down field.

The main question for the Cardinals goes back to the quarterback position. Ryan Lindley has replaced Palmer in the lineup & the results have been lackluster at best. In week 17, Lindley threw for 318 yards & 2 touchdowns, but also 3 interceptions against the San Francisco 49ers. If the quarterback play can become stable & Lindley can avoid the big mistake, the Cardinals should cruise to victory here in a low scoring fight.

Prediction – Cardinals 20, Panthers 13.


Jim Harbaugh to Michigan – Big Blue is Back

Jim Harbaugh is the new head coach at the University of Michigan. This is the “Michigan Man” that the school has wanted ever since Lloyd Carr retired from coaching at the school in 2007. Harbaugh has one more game left with the San Francisco 49ers today & will then have a press conference on Monday announcing he will be the new coach, per reports from various sources around the NFL.

Harbaugh is instantly going to restore Michigan’s cache back into prominence & vault the Wolverines back into the contention for the Big Ten championship next season, especially with the Michigan State Spartans possibly losing their most important piece to their championship defense in defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi, who will become the new head coach at Pitt.

Jim Harbaugh Michigan

San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh will become the new Michigan Wolverines coach on Tuesday with a news conference in Ann Arbor.

At Michigan, the expectation has always been to win the Big Ten championship, beat Ohio State & hope to do well in the Rose Bowl each season, ever since the years of Bo Schlembechler. That mantra carried through Gary Moeller, into Lloyd Carr, but has dropped off when Rich Rodriguez came along & really fell off after the last coach, Brady Hoke, consistently got worse during his tenure at Michigan, after winning the Sugar Bowl in 2011 in his first season in Ann Arbor.

Looking at Harbaugh’s coaching career, he has been one of the most celebrated in all of football, college or NFL. He took Stanford, got great recruiting classes year in & year out at one of the toughest places to recruit in all of college football, & made them into a title contender consistently, with a BCS berth in the Orange Bowl & never losing to the main rivals for Stanford – the USC Trojans – at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

In 2011, he signed a deal to coach the San Francisco 49ers, whom he has taken to become one of the elite teams in the NFC again, after the organization had been basically dormant for many years. He lost in SuperBowl 47 to his brother John & his Baltimore Ravens, but came back the next season to lead the 49ers back to the NFC Championship Game, falling to the eventual SuperBowl champion Seattle Seahawks in one of the most competitive conference championship games in years.

This season, the 49ers fell off a bit, but the biggest reason for the fall has been because of injuries to many key players across the roster & not having former Pro Bowl defensive end Aldon Smith for the majority of the season based on a suspension by the NFL.

That being said, Harbaugh is no doubt a great coach & can lead Michigan right back into the top of the Big Ten. But Harbaugh is going to have to get right on the recruiting trail quickly, as many recruits have decommitted from Michigan due to the instability of the program & not being completely sure if Hoke would be fired after the season was over. The Wolverines only have two three-star recruits & four four-star recruits with zero five-star recruits. The six recruits total  are a low number at this point of the recruiting game & only 3 are ranked in the ESPN top 300.

On top of all of that, the fans have lost faith in Michigan football. There were many situations throughout the 2014 season where the Wolverines most likely didn’t truly have 100,000 people in Michigan Stadium, a stat that the university has held very proud & in high regard for years. The fans were tired of the Hoke act, the boring offense & the sense that the team had absolutely little to no shot every Saturday when they took the field, something that is not accepted in Ann Arbor.

From a football perspective, Harbaugh will bring a tough style of coaching, but also bring the Wolverines back to a true smash mouth style of football that the fans have been used to for many years. The team will go back to running the football consistently & depending on how many new recruits Harbaugh can bring in just based on reputation alone, the Wolverines should be upgraded across the defense quickly, especially already having Jabril Peppers as the #1 cornerback going into camp next year.

If this situation works itself out the way everyone in the free world believes that it will, the Michigan Wolverines & the boosters & fans will all rejoice to finally have a guy who is proven, who is a winner, & who is truly a “Michigan Man.”


Hail to the Victors.